Tim McCormick brainstorms the OLH

One of the key figures in prompting the creation of the OLH initiative and one of the founding members, Tim McCormick, has an interesting post on his visions for the future over at his site.

Cast Iron Signpost Cambridge

His list is fascinating as a conceptualisation of modes that don't currently exist, but could be thought about in building a new system. To quote one choice excerpt:

A project that looks to revitalize interaction between researchers and broader publics: e.g. education, policy, local history, journalism. This is an area where an  OLH might particularly explore new territory, going beyond merely making current academic work Open Access, but leading in areas such as public-impact altmetrics, social-media dissemination, and bridging from specialist academic work to broader-audience forms like newspaper/magazine publishing, trade books / ebooks /esingles.

Be sure to have a read of the whole piece as initial fodder for debate!

Image by Andrew Havis under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.


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